Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Congrats on the New WRT Website

It's good to see that Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT) one of Philadelphia's largest architecture and planning firms, has relaunched their website

This new site moves much more smoothly than the previous site! Also the design is more appealing - lighter and crisper - and it's also easier to navigate. The previous site was dreary and hard to move around in. I can also imagine that this new site is easier to update and for search engines to crawl.

I might consider moving the footer nav up - it's lost far at the bottom.

Twitter feeds could also be pushed to the home page - not just create a link to them. For this clean and simple design, the dynamics a twitter feed would bring to the homepage would be positive. The style of writing on the tweets should be investigated though. A more personal style that shows the tweets are coming from a human at WRT would support the overall brand of real people doing work (this brand position is already reinforced in a variety of ways inside the site.)

Significantly better than most architect's web sites, this is an example to other Philadelphia and national architects.

Congratulations to WRT.

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