Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocoyo City Scape

I watch Pocoyo for many reasons; the stories are good ones for my kids, I like the sound design, the visual design is stunning.

Most recently, in the "Poczilla" episode, I saw the nicest design of a city I have ever seen. 

Pocoyo's Art Director is designer Pedro Bascon, I was floored by the colors and the graphic layout of the skyscraper facades. Bascon's illustration and design work is amazing. He's a super talented designer and his work is not only on his blog about his design for animation, his larger porfolio is on Behance and there is a personal site that is more geared towards illustrating children's books.

 It's a simple thing and maybe something most don't really care about, but I have had to design cityscapes and have sketched out a few on my own and Bascon's is incredibly original.

 I love it.

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