Friday, April 13, 2012

Philadelphia's Soul

Ah, beautiful Philadelphia. City of River and Sky.
A gritty post-industrial landscape dominates my general image of Philadelphia, but there is a lot to this city that comes from its context in nature. This view across the Delaware River reminds me of that. A nature that is often forgotten but as strong here as anywhere else - even in my old home - San Francisco.

Trees and gardens are celebrated in the city way more than I've ever seen in any city on the West Coast, but the idea that this city is riding on the back of some huge natural event and energy that needs to be honored is missing.

I would love to see that aspect of this city, the natural aspect become more recognized and loved. It's hard to get to due to the freeways that block us from the rivers and the acres of asphalt and houses that lay over the rock and soil, but I think Philadelphia's future relies on it.

I am not alone and Penn Praxis leads the way with actually facilitating an actionable plan to reconnect the city to the waterfront. I hope others can join in and somehow we reach a critical mass that can establish Philadelphia as a city by a river.

This was taken from the Camden Aquarium.

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