Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Better Modern in Philadelphia: Crate & Barrel's KOP Store.

Anchored at the far South West Corner of the King of Prussia Mall, Crate & Barrel's KOP location could be the nicest piece of modern architecture in Philadelphia.

It is easy to not consider a Crate & Barrel store as fine architecture. Especially this one since it floats amongst the cars of a [hiss] Mall [further hissing], but its form is abstract and dynamic while at the same time having a human scale that draws me in.

The second floor balcony immediately helps me understand the scale of this building and suggests that is it is a place for people. This is important. Many modern buildings fail to achieve an affect that allows me to understand how big they really are and how they fit my body. This building makes that all clear.

The interior quickly supports the impression that this is a building for people (I have more pictures of the interior but will save them for another post).

To return to the exterior, I find it hard to think of many other modern buildings in the Philadelphia area that are as well done as this one.

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