Friday, March 14, 2008

Metrozoe's top 4 coffees for getting going.

PreDesign Coffee Rankings – My Top 4

...or the Top 4 coffees to drink in the morning when it is still dark and cold and you need to get going in style.

  1. Major Dickason’s Blend – Peet’s

    Truly great stuff. If you aren't in the Bay Area, you can often find it at Whole Foods.

  2. Sumatra Mandheling Dark - Peerless Coffee & Tea

    Michelle turned me on to this coffee at the Cheesery in the Castro (SF). Try it with whole cream and sugar. They get it from Peerless, across the bay.

  3. Corsica – La Colombe

    Philadelphia's great roast. Find it at La Colombe Cafes. The link above will get you to location info.

  4. Bay Blend – Trader Joe’s

    Solid consistently good coffee at a great price. Feeling budget conscious lately, I've been going through lb. after lb. of this.

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