Saturday, March 10, 2007

Martha's Style

Every month I can count on Martha Stewart Living magazine to serve up a few amazing images. The March 2007 winner is page 147. The whole page. This bleed-to-edge image transports me. I also had feelings when I first saw it that were hard to track. It felt familiar. To be exact, the feeling that is dreamy-ness mixed with excitement mixed in with expansiveness felt familiar.

After holding this for a minute it struck me that the bleed- to-edge blue sky is something that I saw in magazines of the 60’s – maybe Sunset magazine.

Almond Blossoms in Springclick on image to see it a bit larger...

So that is what comes up for me. Just a hint of when I was a kid some Spring in Los Angeles - some moment under gorgeous blue skies searching for the last bits of snow on Mt. Baldy.

So hats off to Sally Gall (Photographer), Denise Clappi (Director of Design Production), Heloise Goodman (Photography Director) and everyone else involved at MSL.

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