Friday, December 29, 2006

Winter Light/Afternoon/Drake Hotel

The office has gotten very still. It’s Friday afternoon. It’s been quiet all week. Outside my window the Drake Hotel is in the warm glow of the setting sun. ...or the Drake IS a warm glow outside my window.

The Drake Hotel in Philadelphia

The Drake Hotel

I am bothered by the flatness of Philadelphia. I have this little ache in my chest as I think of walking the Miwok and Mt Tam's trails just north of SF. These trails amble and wind over grassy hills high above the coast with a solid nonstop view of the Pacific.

View from Pop O'Rourke's bench on Mt Tam

View down the coast from Mt Tam.

But SF doesn’t have buildings like the Drake. I see this building and I think someone must have asked for a whole landscape on top of this building to make up for the Delaware valley flats. SF has, more or less, a cranky pile of flat topped modern buildings downtown. Philadelphia's downtown buildings have much more magic in them.

I can imagine myself anywhere up on this building; sitting on terraces, lounging under arches, reading by windows.

The sun is about set. Time to wrap up here and head home.

As I finish this it has gotten darker. Looking to the west the sky is fuchsia with orange contrails darting down to the horizon. The Drake has disappeared into the dark.

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