Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Managing Ideas

When I was a kid in Tacoma, every morning I would remember seeing Mrs. Clark's light on in her window across the alley. You'd think that nothing very cultural was going on in Tacoma in the 1970's but Dorothy Clark was up early every morning before sunrise to write. Under a deep black sky going to blue she was typing out plays and her writing.

For all the technology out there I am still having difficulty managing all of the ideas I have. I'm just not getting them written down. Technology isn't the only problem, time management is also a big deal.

There are a million ways to capture ideas when they come. Right now the best I have are my sketch book and 3x5 cards. Don't suggest PDA's or laptops. Been there. Not gonna work.

And I'm still I'm not getting great ideas written down. They are given to me and then they pass away.

When I lived in San Francisco I had a friend (still have actually), Herb Gold who is a writer. He would write in the morning as well. First thing? I don't know. I know that a swim at the old JCC was part of many mornings, but I don't know what came first. I just know that I would knock on his door unannounced in the morning only once. I came by around 10:00 AM one day and he was in full swing. Normally friendly he sent only his most legally polite and terse self downstairs to the door to tell me never again! Call before hand! "I write in the morning!"

Got it. So maybe the solution to writing, capturing ideas and so on is writing in the morning. It's simple and that specific. Choosing a technology to capture it is only the next step.

I resent this and bridle against the restriction. Certainly connecting inspiration to an audience is too general and wide and God given to be subject to a simple requirement - "write it in the morning or forget writing most of it."

But I think the solution IS to get up early and do it. At least for me.

Early in the morning. No other time of day. And knock it out. Get those ideas written on all the scraps of paper typed out.

Now I'm going to be late for work. I don't know how Mrs. Clark got up so early but it must be done.

... gotta run.

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