Monday, July 17, 2006

Marketing Modern Architecture in Philadelphia
Having just moved to Philadelphia I'm wondering, "Where are the modern house tours? Where is the guide book to modern Philadelphia architecture?". I went to the Central Free library today to find a good guide book and didn't find anything like the kinds of books I can get for Los Angeles or San Francisco. Amazon didn't help much either. The same books were at the library.

From what I can tell the Philadelphia AIA doesn't put on the kinds of house tours that the SF AIA does. Here's a link to the SF AIA tours. Here's the Philadelphia AIA website for comparison. The SF AIA house tours are an excellent way to get inside modern and contemporary residences in the Bay Area. These tours along with the Sunset Magazine promos of modern houses have done a lot to create a public buzz for modern and contemporary architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area.

So there's this gap in marketing modern and contemporary architecture in Philadelphia. There doesn't seem to be a focused voice for it here.

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