Sunday, July 30, 2006

Edoardo Gellner's "Corte di Cadore"
Sometimes I think I must live under a rock. I only just now came across Edoardo Gellner's "Corte di Cadore" project. I found it in Interni #558 ( Jan 2006). It's an amazing set of buildings all part of a ski village designed between 1953 and 1964 for the enlightened patron Enrico Mattei, the president of ENI, for all ENI employees. The project was recently renovated, hence the press.

You can see a nice slide show at the
Corte Delle Dolomiti website or read more at ARCH'IT (Google or Alta Vista's Babelfish will translate this if you need it, right?).

Here's an image from the slide show at the Corte Delle Dolomiti website .

The project shows a real human use of modern design. The buildings resonate with you (if you are the resonating type) through the use of warm colors, natural woods and inviting spaces. There are more structures than shown in the slide show. A remarkable church, dormitory and other buildings are also part of the site.

Interni #558 has the most intriguing and thorough set of images I've found. Sorry, there's no link - it's a print piece.

You won't find a book on it at Amazon but William Stout does have one (Thanks Bill!)- Edoardo Gellner: Corte di Cadore . I haven't seen the book so can't vouch for it but this book and the Interni article would be good places to start looking for more information.

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