Friday, July 14, 2017

" I thought, maybe I should go with the whole idea of it being boring. What’s the most boring thing I could do just to annoy everybody?

"And the most boring thing that I could think of to do, which would really go against the grain for the MTV generation … was a talking head: a middle-class white male in a suit, talking to them in a really boring way about music videos.
And I thought, 'Oh yeah, I’m on to something here. This is really dull and uninteresting.' "

-Rocky Morton, Co-Creator and Director of Max Headroom

Friday, September 16, 2016

Taking an Array Approach to the Design of Mobile Tools

Supporting the multiplicity of goals that a user may want to accomplish with an interactive tool is such a different problem to address than creating a page that whose end goal is to create product or brand awareness - whose point is to support and argument and take a user to a single conclusion (buy this product). I saw this recently as I sat and listened to agency trained UX designers critique the interfaces for mobile tools. 

Something was wrong about their comments. Here's what I figured out.

Gestural interfaces for digital tools require the design of an array. When traditional print designer or agency trained UX designers try to arrange CTAs and text either from the top down or from left to right these tools break.

What has to be understood is that the person using these tools may have both hands on them and, depending on the target of the tool (e.g. a camera's region of interest or a music player), CTAs are best arranged around this target based on eyelines and physical placement of the hands rather than the principals that govern print design or digital marcom layout.

Design for mobile tools is probably more like laying out a cockpit for the SR 71 (below) than laying out a page in a magazine. The elements aren't laid out in lines. They are gathered and then as groups associated with other groups in ways that serve the highest number of scenarios. And they all defer to the physical requirements of the pilot and that pilot's main focus, what is dead ahead.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Brad Katsuyama

Brad Katsuyama sounds like an amazing guy - clear headed - and he identified an immense problem with electronic trading through careful analysis and team building.  I also admire that he didn't question his initial sense that something was wrong.

Here are two good articles:

Is the US Stock Market Rigged
Flash Boys Fame Sells Upstart Exchange IEX to Big Investors

World War I was hard on Good

Around WW I, the usage of the word "good" began to drop. "Cool" though, has been riding pretty even for the past 200 years.
 Link to the source on Google.

I'd think "cool" would have gone up. But no.

What's going on here is that I am looking for the rise of cynicism and irony. I am also looking to see -if it did rise - was a focus on goodness displaced.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Morris Arboretum Tree House

One of the nicest places to be in Philadelphia is the Morris Arboretum Tree House. Someday I'm going to take a thermos of coffee and a book up there and stay for a few hours surrounded by the trees.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocoyo City Scape

I watch Pocoyo for many reasons; the stories are good ones for my kids, I like the sound design, the visual design is stunning.

Most recently, in the "Poczilla" episode, I saw the nicest design of a city I have ever seen. 

Pocoyo's Art Director is designer Pedro Bascon, I was floored by the colors and the graphic layout of the skyscraper facades. Bascon's illustration and design work is amazing. He's a super talented designer and his work is not only on his blog about his design for animation, his larger porfolio is on Behance and there is a personal site that is more geared towards illustrating children's books.

 It's a simple thing and maybe something most don't really care about, but I have had to design cityscapes and have sketched out a few on my own and Bascon's is incredibly original.

 I love it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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